Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Using A Booster Seat

child car seat shopping

We love to spend time cooking healthy and nutritious meals for our loved ones. We do everything that we can to ensure that they are happy and well taken care of, and this extends out to the car as well. Most parents know the extreme importance of finding a quality infant or convertible car seat for their newborns and young children. However, the proper use of a booster seat is something that quite often gets overlooked, but it something that parents should be aware of.

After your child outgrows their convertible seat, there might be a gap depending on your child’s size and the use of a quality booster seat may be required for a year or two. If you strap in a child using a regular seat belt before they are big enough then this can be a dangerous situation in the event of an accident. So this transition period is just as important and finding a booster seat for their later years is just as vital as finding an infant car seat is in their early years. Knowing when to use a booster seat is something that every parent should be made aware of to ensure proper protection for their children.

Shopping For A Booster Seat

There are a couple of different kinds of booster seats currently available. If the back seat of your car has a high back that can support your child’s height then you can get a backless booster seat. This is basically just a base that your kid sits on that helps raise their height in the seat. If the back seat of your vehicle is lower then you should get a high back booster seat which will offer the correct support and protection. Obviously, a high back seat will be a little more expensive, but safety should be the primary concern. There are a number of high quality options in either case and finding something that fits your needs should not be that hard. A good starting point is to read up on the current booster car seat reviews to see which ones get the best feedback from parents and go from there. Below are some choices worth buying.

Britax Frontier

The Frontier by Britax is perhaps the best rated booster seat for toddlers that you can buy. It offers supreme safety features as Britax has an excellent reputation for the engineering of their safety seats. They have SafeCell technology to absorb energy and the forces of a crash. They are not only well built, but they are comfortable as well. This is also one of the top owner rated high back booster seats on the market. Parents love this seat and are constantly giving it high marks and recommendation rates. Britax has several model booster seats, but the Frontier seems to be the most popular. It does however come with a little steeper price tag. This may not be an ideal option for anyone on a tight budget.

Graco High Back Booster Seat

Graco, however, does offer wonderful budget-friendly high back models. This car seat meets or exceeds regulations for booster seats and it comes in at a much lower price point. It has a wide range of color options and it provides excellent safety for toddlers. The materials may not be as high end or be as comfy as some of the Britax seats, but they still get the job done and kids love riding in them. Graco booster seats also get very nice reviews from parents so you can rest assured that this will be a safe option for your little one.

EvenFlo High Back

This is probably the most affordable high back booster seat that you can buy. These are great for anyone looking for a safe option that lets you save a little money. This usually run around $50 which is great if you have more than one child that needs one of these seats. They are safe, but may not provide the same comfort level as some of the other options above..

Graco Backless Booster

Now for those that have high back seats and just need a backless option to give your toddler a boost to fit properly, then a Graco backless seat is a terrific option. These are relatively cheap as well and can be had for around $30. This will definitely not break the bank, but again you have to make sure that your car calls for a backless seat.

If you are looking to get the best safety seat for your child you really cannot go wrong with any of these three brand names as they have developed a reputation for making reliable options that offer the right protection for kids of all ages and sizes. Remember, that just because your child may have outgrown their convertible car seat, it may not mean they are ready to go without a safety seat. Measure you little one as well as the back seat of your automobile to see if a booster seat may be needed. Check out the video below for the advantages that using a booster seat, and using it properly, can provide your child.